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New Technology Changing the Game in Real Estate

Real estate marketing has come a long way in recent years. Wide angle photography, drones, and social media have become "must have" marketing tools when selling a home - and more is on the way.Technology advancements continue to present exciting new possibilities for how homes can be marketed, and how people experience and search for properties in the digital age. The catalyst behind these new possibilities? The rise of virtual and augmented reality in every day life. Picture touring a home while being able to see what it will really look like with your furnishing and decor style. With these mediums, new technology capabilities are improving the overall customer home buying experience. Here are a few companies worth keeping track of as they create innovative new products for the real estate industry.

Virtual Reality (VR) vs. Augmented Reality (AR) - VR offers a digital recreation of a real life setting (eg. flight simulator for pilots), while AR delivers virtual elements as an overlay to the real world (eg. Pokemon Go).


With Matterport 3-D walkthroughs, real estate listings are livelier. Founded in 2011, Matterport technology was used primarily for commercial properties but in the last few years it has become a game changer in residential real estate as well. Here's how it works, the Matterport Pro2 3D Camera sits on a tripod that is strategically placed in multiple locations throughout a home. It captures images by rotating 360 degrees taking detailed scans of sections of the property. These scans take about 60 seconds to complete and when put together they create a detailed floor plan of a property which can be toured room by room - right from your phone!

Click here to check out the Matterport website and take a tour yourself.


When you walk into an open house, it is tough to visualize how the property would appear with your unique flair. Many people want their homes to look like the staged version, but unless you are willing to pay for all of that furniture, it is more likely you will bring your own trappings with you when you move.

roOomy is a virtual staging technology company that allows you to visualize any room or space the way you would decorate it yourself. Drawing from a catalog of more than 100,000 furniture and household items, roOomy allows you to upload a picture of a room and virtually decorate it to reflect your personal tastes.

Download the roOmy app and start staging!

Virtual Xperience

roOomy and Matterport are excellent options to view and interact with a property that already exists, but what about properties still under construction? That is the idea behind Virtual Xperience.

Using 3-D modeling, Virtual Xperience allows VR headset users to access the full walkthrough experience in a property that is in development or under construction. Investors building a new condo or office space can start selling before a shovel hits the dirt with interactive 3-D walkthroughs. Developers are able to customize color palettes, materials, furnishing and lighting conditions, to help buyers personalize and visualize the unbuilt spaces.

Click here to learn more about how Virtual Xperience works.

Physically walking through a home will always be the best way to experience a property before submitting an offer. This technology will enhance the home buying process, creating endless ways people can study a property to make sure it best fits their needs. Very soon, you will see this technology be commonly used by real estate professionals and become the new "must have" marketing tools for selling homes.

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